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(UIQ) 2.1
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Crystal2Mobile Player + Producer is fully compatible with:

  • Symbian 7 UIQ
  • Symbian 7 UIQ 2.0
  • Symbian 7 UIQ 2.1

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Others: Motorola A920 Motorola A1000 Sony Ericsson P800 Sony Ericsson P900/P910
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Versions of Crystal2Mobile Player + Producer

All versions of Crystal2Mobile Player + Producer
Version License Language O.S.
Crystal2Mobile Player + Producer (UIQ) 2.1 30/06/06 Trial version English
  • Symbian 7 UIQ
  • Symbian 7 UIQ 2.0
  • Symbian 7 UIQ 2.1

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More author programs

Crystal2Mobile is a bundle of C2M Player, the video player for the smartphones and C2M Producer, PC desktop tool, enabling convenient and fast DVD content conversion into mobile-friendly format.

2M Player enables quality MPEG4 and MP3 video playback leveraging the full power of your mobile device. It provides seeking, visualization of the current position and volume tuning. The browser with preview thumbnails helps organizing your video clips.

C2M Producer is capable of transferring your favorite DVD discs into video files of smaller size, which perfectly fit into SD or MMC card starting from 128 Mb. In just a few steps you select the audio track, subtitles, cropping mode and destination directory - the conversion of 1:30 movie takes less than 25 minutes on the average PC. Producer can even switch off your computer after conversion.

C2M Player Features:

  • Play camera recorded clips in fullscreen!
  • OSD Interactivity (UIQ)
  • 2x times faster opening and preview loading
  • AVI, MP3, MPEG4, OGG, Vorbis, 3GP, AMR, H263 supported
  • Built-in high performance MPEG4 capable of DivX 3.11 decoding
  • Automatic codec downloader
  • On Screen Display, messages and volume
  • Easy to use, intuitive, Symbian based user interface
  • Fullscreen & windowed modes
  • Built-in filebrowser with advanced features
  • Preview thumbnails
  • Share Crystal2Mobile via infrared or bluetooth
  • Speed troubleshooting modes
  • Video filters
  • Smart seeking
  • Based on Crystal2 framework

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